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No More Ugly Days

Get rid of the days where you have to hide in embarrassment because of your dirty and unkempt home. A professional soft wash from our Militello Painting & Powerwashing professionals will get rid of the wrong attention and bring back the curb appeal your home deserves. We are dedicated to making your home the envy of the neighborhood and will work hard to make your home look amazing. We are the #1 house washing professionals in Ambler and the surrounding areas. Give us a call to schedule an appointment to wash your home.


Why Do I Need A House Wash?

Having a clean home is a must and there are two reasons why having a clean home in Ambler is paramount. First, and probably the most obvious, is that it looks better. Once green and black streaks or stains, rust, and efflorescence  take over your home, it can look very unkempt and sad. The other main reason to have your home soft washed is because the buildup of dirt and other organic material on the exterior of your home can actually cause damage. These horrible elements can make your home degrade faster and certain housing materials, making them fail. Unfortunately, what may be a small cosmetic problem can turn into  thousands of dollars in repairs. So, don’t ignore the problem and get the best house wash service in Ambler – call today!

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When Should My Home Be Soft Washed?

Keeping the exterior of your home clean throughout the year ca be a challenge, but if you know when to clean your home, the worry of dirty and ugly days will never come.

After Bad Weather – Once bad weather hits, dirt and debris is whipped around by the wind, making your home a target for all of it. If your home gets hit badly by this weather, it may be time for our Militello Painting & Powerwashing professionals to come out and house wash your home.


Priming For Paint – Are you getting ready to paint your home?  A professional soft wash before painting it will remove all of the dirt, grime, and chipped that has been to all year long. 


Getting Ready to Sell – If you are getting ready to put your home on the market, a professional soft wash will get it ready for viewing from potential homebuyers.

What Lies Beneath?

The beauty of your home could get lost beneath all of the dirt and grime living on it. Avoiding a soft wash could also leave you with regrets and frustrations along with many problems.

Mold and Mildew Buildup – An unclean home accumulates mold and mildew if left neglected.

Lack of Curb Appeal – A dirty home will stick out for all the wrong reasons and in some HOA communities it may be a requirement to have your home soft washed.

Costly Repairs – Having your home soft washed is a maintenance plan to avoid having to repair damage that may have a long term affect on the structure of your home.

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